How Elise got involved….. Elise has been dancing all her life, she received a place at the Bird school of Dance. However, following injury Elise had to break from the school and her dream. This coincided with the opening of Fleet. Julie and Lisa asked Elise if she would be interested in helping to get Fleet going while she was choosing her next path. Elise has become a natural coach within the club and is fantastic with the gymnasts.

Background….. Elise has been in numerous pantomimes, Disneyland Paris, Hairspray, Grease, Help for Hero’s concert & Children in Need just to name a few.. 
She tells us that she loves dancing, singing, acting but most importantly eating…
Elise, joined fleet to give herself a new challenge in coaching gymnastics and choreographing routines. Elise has since enhanced her teaching and expanded to teach dance to local school children. Elise’s experience within the dance community has given her the confidence to coach children within gymnastics.

Her reasons for working at Fleet, the atmosphere is great but its the team to she loves being involved in! 

Current position….. Elise provides coaching to mainly our younger children who she seems to be able to quickly build a rapport and help them find their confidence to fulfil their gymnastics dreams. Elise is also Fleets choreographer ensuring that the squad girls receive high level dance instruction on a regular basis.

Elise’s Quote:  “Difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations”