• Woman’s Artistic Coach Level 2 Club Coach

How Lisa  got involved….. Lisa arrived in the UK when she was 19 years old, following a successful gymnastics career in South Africa she was keen to keep her skill level. Lisa started adult gymnastics however, soon found a passion for coaching. After volunteering for several years while having her 3 children she began to coach a competitive squad. Lisa has coached regional and national grade gymnasts.

Lisa’s children have all been involved in competitive gymnastics at some point, both of her younger children are still active squad members

Lisa is the instigator for Fleet by casually mentioning one day to fellow director, Julie that we should expand the school gym to a community centre in area that has no provision. The rest is history. Once the venue was found and secured Fleet turned from a dream to reality. With Lisa’s experiences as a gymnasts, volunteer coach and a member of the team within a large Gymnastics centre this has provided knowledge to get Fleet on its feet.

Previous experience…… Lisa had worked in retail for approximately 12 years within various roles including supervisor of various departments this included the managing a team within each department.  

Current position….. Along with Julie, Lisa is director of Coaching at Fleet Gymnastics. Having both worked within a large Gymnastics centre for many years both have been fortunate to gain a wealth of experience, including being part of a team during major competitions including the English Championships, London Men’s Open and London Youth Games. Lisa has coached 4-piece gymnastics mainly to children aged 4-13, at regional level. Lisa currently assists with coaching development squad at Bromley Valley Gymnastics.

Lisa’s Quote: Live, Love, Laugh