Please allow 10-15 minutes after training for gymnasts to adequately condition, stretch and tidy the gym for other users.

All gymnasts must attend as often as possible; lack of commitment will cause changes within their progress. Gymnasts who miss regular training may be offered a more suitable group.

Parents are reminded that not all gymnasts will be champions, but all gymnasts can have a happy and successful career. Gymnasts develop at different rates. We offer suitable groups for all disciplines and abilities.

If a gymnast is injured for a sustained period of time the Club may offer reduced fees. Injured gymnasts are expected to complete a rehab programme without distraction to other members.

The coaching team will decide the best path and training group for the gymnast. The Head Coach will make the final decision.

It is vital that every gymnast and parent follows these rules to ensure the gymnasts remain safe at all times.

Gymnasts are responsible for their own kit. They must follow the guidelines given separately for training in other venues. They must always carry hand guards, straps, gloves, chalk to all training sessions.

All gymnasts from an early age should be encouraged at home to adapt a healthy eating pattern. To make sure their transition through puberty doesn’t involve too much weight gain and as a consequence injury or end their career, correct eating patterns must be established early in childhood.

All gymnasts will work towards, either/or Club, Regional and National competitions. Gymnasts will be informed as to which competitions they will be expected to compete in. It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure they keep up to date with our information.

Being a member of the squad requires hard work and dedication; gymnasts may be tested at any time to ensure they are still in the most appropriate group to meet their gymnastic needs.